ShivTransition from 2012 to 2013

 From 4 (13) poet/saint to 6 Warrior

2013 is a year for testing the inner foundation of the heart; the saint and the poet. This inner strength is needed to uphold the consciousness of the warrior. It is a time for challenging, confronting and transforming fear into faith. The power within fear can be the power of the warrior. That warrior who fights for justice, freedom and peace. The only enemy we have is our own mental projections which our fear maintains. Separate the feeling of fear from the mental image that it creates. Cut through the movie screen of your minds projections. Stop hiding, or hiding from, the light of your inner divinity. Do not be afraid of anything in the name of God. Transform the power of the corruption of the religious fears into the power of the feeling of being Godly. Let the fear become a wind at your back, not a wall blocking your way.

This is an opportunity that will not occur often. The sense of ‘Now is the time’ is the strongest it will ever be. It’s the year of geting completely lost, or to discover fully. You cant’ afford the hesitation of “but” in 2013. Take the command of your soul. Take that responsibility.”

Note: Fear of God is the way to have no other fears. Then merging with divinity brings fearlessness. Fear of God means to remember God’s presence in all circumstances.

What is new in 2013? The appearance of the 3 in a primal (units) position. Suggesting primal joy or anger, and action from impulse of soul or animal.

The year 2013 will offer two main movements. – A shift from 4 (13) to 6 (2013): From Poet/Saint to Warrior; from inner sensitivity to outer impact. – The development along the sequence 2  4  1  3

These are general and collective situations. Therefore each individual will experience them at different levels of intensity.

The total number of the first day of the year is 8 ( 1 + 1 + 2013 = 8). This recalls the last steps in the Karam kriya Training and the sequence 6 (7) 8 9

One meditation for the year, or at least the first 40 days, could be: Choose a quality of the 6 and to draw it towards your self through the breath of faith; a breath that fakes it to make it, breathing as if it is the case. Bringing in that quality when you inhale and spread through your whole body when you exhale, so you feel it coming out through the pores.
6 is linked to justice, conflict, fearlessness and facing the battle. Therefore one choice for chanting into the new year would be to sing the Shabd by Guru Gobind Singh: Deh Shiva….. (see below).

Here are some YouTube options: Sant Anoop SinghBhai Narinder SinghBibi Gurdev Kaur

Other qualities of the 6 include: Responsive, responsibility, intuition, pre-sense, presence, the present, now, immediacy, sudden, shock, surprise, element – air, lungs, metal, sword, conflict, confrontation, the open flower, art, beauty, grace, music, silence, secret, suspense, fear, faith, future, freedom.

Let that within you, which you have been protecting, or protecting your self from, through all your life, let it now take care of you.

it is an attitude that can be cultivated:
Cutting through the darkness
Slashing through the ignorance
Smashing the demons of mind´s distraction
Setting alight dormant songs of glory
A million rising suns
Awake! Awake! Awake!

When all virtues are put together
All values are assessed
All varieties are examined
All variances are accounted for
Andwhen vigor and valor become the architect
Of intelligence and consciousness
And devotion anddedication guide the goals
Then victory is assured

Yogi Bhajan



Shiv Charan Singh is the founding director of the Karam Kriya School and Kriya centre for Kundalini yoga in North London. Scottish by birth, he is an outstanding and authentic spiritual teacher. Karam Kriya means ‘action in spiritual awareness’. Shiv Charan is deeply committed to guiding students in their spiritual growth so they can bring spiritual awareness into their everyday lives and develop their full potential as human beings. He is a skilled counsellor, author of several books on human communication, the mystery of numbers and poetry. He runs training programmes throughout Europe, Russia and the Lebanon.

For more information on Karam Kriya & Shiv Charan Singh please visit Karam Kriya UK, Karam Kriya Europe, or Quinta do Rajo.

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