March: Number 3 – Guru Amerdas – Positive Mind

The Karma of number 3 is comparing yourself with others, low self-esteem.
The Dharma of number 3 is equality, to lift yourself out of the black hole of self-attack in any form by a simple statement; like ‘I have the right to exist’, ‘I have the right to be happy’, ‘the bottom line is- I am and I am ok’, and so on.

The Positive Mind needs to be trained so that it does not default into working for the subconscious patterns. Whatever is your best affirmative statement you can make about yourself it is the Positive mind that will agree to it and reinforce it. The best affirmative training is action, and even the smallest deed can have great consequences. So, at this stage of the journey through the year focus on what you ‘can’ do rather than what you believe you cannot. By doing what you can, and telling yourself at the end of the day ‘today I did what I could’, you build in you the memory program of achievement and success. In addition you are confirming to the world that you exist, you have made yourself visible.

Guru Amerdas gave the example of equality by taking care of the untouchables, the hopeless and the homeless, and telling them that they too were included in God. He also invited those of higher social status to come and sit down together and share food with the common man. Equality is the foundation upon which humanity flourishes.
Letting the opinions of others, or our imagination about their opinions, control our lives is like letting phantoms inhabit your psyche. Other people’s opinions are like parasites and they can only survive in you if you give them value. So when you feel the eyes of the world upon you it is time to give the world a smile that says ‘if you have a problem with me, then go and tell my Creator’. In addition if you will place yourself under the protective gaze of your creator, then you will not concern yourself with the look of others.

Har is one of the many names of God, and it means green, the warmth of the 3rd element fire, which brings forward the creativity of nature; the first signs of spring. Let your actions this month be gentle like the colour of spring green yet powerful enough to break open the winter’s cocoon and announce itself to all the Universe. Just as Guru Amzrdas told the women that there was no need to hide behind their veil; rather it is time to step forward and to put yourself in the picture of the world.

Spiritual suggestions for the month:

– Every day focus on the action; doing what you can.
– Chanting Har as you walk.
– Proactive movement of navel.
– Have some fun.



Shiv Charan Singh is the founding director of the Karam Kriya School and Kriya centre for Kundalini yoga in North London. Scottish by birth, he is an outstanding and authentic spiritual teacher. Karam Kriya means ‘action in spiritual awareness’. Shiv Charan is deeply committed to guiding students in their spiritual growth so they can bring spiritual awareness into their everyday lives and develop their full potential as human beings. He is a skilled counsellor, author of several books on human communication, the mystery of numbers and poetry. He runs training programmes throughout Europe, Russia and the Lebanon.

For more information on Karam Kriya & Shiv Charan Singh please visit Karam Kriya UK, Karam Kriya Europe, or Quinta do Rajo.

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