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Yoga for Kayakers

I’m offering free weekly yoga classes as part of the SWWK Kayaking Community during Lockdown 3.0 in the UK. Any other paddlers are very welcome.

I enjoyed sharing yoga classes so much last lockdown I’m gonna do it again this time. If there are enough people I’m happy to offer an extra class each week and also add some different times so more people can get involved.

Hopefully it will help you (and me) keep sane and be more on our game when we get to paddle again…

I will be teaching a range of static (stretching) postures and dynamic strengthening postures from a mix of yoga styles (hatha, kundalini, Tibetan) and maybe some movements from martial arts / qi gong. It will all focus on improving your movement and strength for kayaking. We’ll also do a little breathwork and meditation to help with our headgame and focus.

The classes will take place via Zoom. You