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The first rule of prosperity is that you must first give before you receive. Giving creates a vacuum, an empty space that the universe must then fill. In physics the phrase is ‘nature abhors a vacuum’. Great fortunes are not received by hoarding money but by circulating it. As things are given away space is created, the universe must then deliver in return.

This rule of the vacuum can be exploited in 2 ways. Firstly by giving in the physical world and this can be in time, in service or money or objects. Secondly, and more interestingly by clearing our subconscious and letting go of past patterns and limiting beliefs we open our consciousness to shift and be receptive. The universe is constantly trying to give to us, we are normally just too full and too closed to receive.

This brings us to our second rule of prosperity – your mind is the only limiting factor to your own prosperity. What you know and what you think are, is what you are and what you will become. There are infinite possibilites out there for you and infinite prosperity to receive but in your normal existence your mind is too limited to accept this and so it cannot become reality. Drop your beliefs, drop your image of yourself and create the space for the universe to fill. Let go of anything that limits you. Meditate and clear the past so that you can be free to grow.

The third rule – “Vibrate the cosmos, the cosmos will clear the path” is the 3rd Sutra of the Aquarian Age. As we move into the Age of Aquarius it is becoming increasingly important to set your intentions, send them out to the universe then sit back, relax and have the patience for it all to come to you. Rather like sending an email…once you have written the mail, you click send and then let the magic of the digital world deliver it for you. The same is true of our intentions – set them…send them…and trust they will be returned. Don’t go chasing after them, messing things up along the way! Thinking big creates a space that must be filled so you will grow and the universe will deliver…think small and you will remain small.

“Why praise god? It’s a very selfish act. When you think big, you become big. God is an infinity. Whenever the finite tunes in with Infinity, it enriches itself. That’s the secret of prosperity!”

– Yogi Bhajan, 1988

So it is easy to think big…anyone can do it. Right! So why doesn’t it work all of the time. The biggest reason is that most people are too easily distracted. They have one great idea after another but never commit to any of them as their path for achievement. Holding vision and not wavering is key. Commitment is the first step to happiness. Regular meditation to keep the mind under control and meditation on your intentions is essential to keep the focus and to keep the message out there in the universe. Every time you change your mind the universe has to change too…and sometimes that can take a while!

If you can set and hold an intention there are three reasons why they don’t always manifest. The first is doubt, we don’t trust the universe to deliver – so simply it doesn’t. Why should it? You are creating the world around you with every thought, so if you have doubts or lack trust then the universe responds to this, just as it began to respond to the intention you set in the first place. Have patience. Hold firm and trust the universe. In order for things to come to you changes have to take place. So change, trust that all is in order, and wait.

The second failing we have is a lack of belief in our self, a lack of self-worth. We feel that we don’t deserve it when things do come to us and again the universe is listening – so it doesn’t deliver. It delivers to those who are worthy and know they are worthy. We are all worthy…we just have to know and believe we are. Yoga and meditation can help you let go of past wounds in your life and to help you to develop and grow your self worth. The more you think you deserve the more you will receive. Remember the universe simply delivers whatever you are open to! In this year 2010 it is espescially important to keep the ‘positive mind’ tuned up and working for you – try this meditation for 40 days to keep an open heart and raised spirits.

“If you become your own teacher, prosperity will be there. Good things and good ideas will come to you.”

– Yogi Bhajan, 1997

The third failing is a lack of resolve and giving up when the going gets tough! Many people set intentions to achieve and receive great things, and then when those things start to come they bring with them changes to life and things start to become a challenge. Most people forget that when they have the things they dream of in life, life will be very different from how it was when they first thought of the idea. Getting to that place will involve a change in their way of being. The bigger the intention, the bigger the change. So as the universe delivers be ready to face new ways of being, be open to the new things you have to learn and be ready to raise your game to the new levels that come along. This is the domain of the fire element, the element of change and of the 3rd chakra – manipura or navel chakra – our centre of power and our connection to the infinite power of the universe. When our fire element is in balance we take change in our stride and meet all challenges with joy. By tuning up our navel chakra we develop the strength and courage to continue towards our goal, to accept that any failures are just steps on the way to success and tap into an infinite source of energy.

The final ingredient for living in prosperity is to tune up our intuition so we know when to act and how to act. Our intuition is the realm of the 6th chakra or ajna chakra located at the centre of the forehead. The sixth chakra relates to the pituitary gland and it’s interaction with the pineal gland. When the pituitary is functioning harmoniously, messages from our higher self and the universe come through clearly allowing us to make decisions without fear and to act without hesitation.

“As you train your mind, shockingly it brings you prosperity as well as the faculty to maintain it. ”

– Yogi Bhajan, 2002

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